Starting from the 1st January, 2023, conversation between the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB), regulatory bodies for higher establishments and all tertiary institutions in Nigeria will be thru a single, unified platform, said the examination body.

JAMB stated its Integrated Brochure and Syllabus System (IBASS) has been developed as a medium of verbal exchange for the stakeholders in the admission processing system, adding that the platform will provide them a number ranges of access for communication.

Speaking at a meeting to short stakeholders on the functionalities of IBASS on Monday, JAMB Registrar, Is-haq Oloyede, stated the initiative was once to hasten and ease the go with the flow of requests and approvals away from the current mode of replacing letters between the establishments and regulatory bodies.

Through this platform, Mr Oloyede stated tertiary establishments can prescribe their admission quota and necessities and list the guides they offer.

Regulatory bodies can also update the accreditation repute of institutions and their programmes or guides approved for them to provide on the platform.

He said the platform will put a halt to the use of letters for requests and approval between the agencies and establishments which commonly takes time and extra effort to implement.



JAMB had in 2017 introduced the Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS) the place all tertiary establishments upload the admission fame of candidates presented admission in the institutions.

CAPS has centralised and automated admission techniques between candidates and their chosen tertiary institutions.

With IBASS, conversation regarding the wide variety of students allotted to institutions, newly authorized programmes and demister programmes will be requested and approved on the platform.

He said: “As NUC approves a quota, University of Ibadan or Ilorin will ship (JAMB) that 1,000 have been approved to us as a quota, they will write to us. NUC will write (too) that 1,000 have been accredited as a quota for (University of) Ibadan. While we are ready for that, it takes time.

“We now sense that we can automate. Immediately NUC approves 1,000, it goes no longer only to the university, but also JAMB and we all see it and we all be aware of that 1,000 has been approved. Ibadan does now not want to write (to JAMB) again.”

Through the computerized platform, he said registrars of respective institutions can get entry to the admissions of their institutions.

Mr Oloyede said this used to be in response to complaints through registrars that they have been relegated from their roles of monitoring admissions at their respective institutions.

“Before now registrars of institutions have no say in communication, admission and everything. But they have been complaining that as the chief administrative officer, they also want to see what is going on. They favor to comprehend what the vice-chancellors and admission officers are doing. We have created get entry to for the registrars,” he said.

While registrars cannot make alterations on the portal, the JAMB boss said they can make suggestions for their vice-chancellors and admission officers.

The up to date features of the IBASS had been defined to regulatory agencies and heads of tertiary institutions by JAMB officers on Monday.



Meanwhile, the Executive Secretaries of the National Universities Commission (NUC), National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) and National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE), Abubakar Rasheed, Idris Bugaje, Paulinus Okwelle, respectively, attended the event.

Speaking on the new development, Mr Bugaje, a professor, stated the board will next yr begin the digital accreditation for polytechnics.

He stated his board plans to, in the future, encompass QR codes on all certificates from Nigerian polytechnics for effortless verification of results.

He said: “NBTE is already digitising its things to do including accreditations. We can’t continue to ship a large variety of human beings to accredit tutorial programmes. This year, we are strolling a platform starting from 2023 on digital accreditation.”



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